I am here to journey with you, as you discover your soul's purpose in your life.

As a mentor for soulful entrepreneurs I hold a sacred space for truth, honesty, love and expansion from within.

So that you may experience the liberation of what binds you, heal what holds you captive,  transform what tears at you, reclaiming what was never lost and expanding purposefully into your true self.


As we join in sacred sessions or mentoring, together we work together to look at your strengths, opportunities and what threatens those moments for you and look to reclaim, restore and renew.  


Building a solid foundation that you can stand upon and build from for many years to come and express your soul's purpose in this world.  


In our time together, I will NOT try to convert you to any system of thought or religion other than that of love.  


  • Clarity – clarity and more clarity and with it comes your unwavering ability to execute with confidence.

  • Sacred Space – each and every session is a holy encounter where I hold the space for your to share, release and heal as well as gain clarity, insight and peace of mind. Nothing is off limits or out of bounds.

  • 100% Confidentiality – everything stays between you and me. I consider our relationship of holy nature. 

  • Deep Sessions – every session is 50 min. and week by week, through our work together you will experience a deeper and deeper peace permeating your entire being. A peace only to be found in the depths of your being.

  • Love based Mindset – Love is The Way and every week you will expand through the revelations and ancient knowledge you experience, remember and uncover during our sessions.

  • No BS  – during our time together, with intuitive guidance as well as my input, insights, ideas and angles which will usually is things you hadn’t seen in yourself or thought of before.

  • Assignments – Week by week you’ll will commit yourself to completing tasks supporting you, and will be reporting back to me about your progress.

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